24 hours in Austria
"Mother nature showed her power. Again."

This is a story about a short weekendtrip to Tirol.

On November 23 i went on a super spontainous trip to Ehrwald, Tirol, Austria to spend two nights at the mountain hut called Coburger Hütte. The hut is closed now, but from visiting it last year i knew that the winter room is still open. Also i expected it to be cold, with maybe a bit of snow...

The reality was different: there was a ton of snow and nobody went up to hut in the last 15 day - up to the Seebensee this was no problem at all, because there was only about 20 cm of snow, but the last 300 vertical meters were pure pain.
Last year this last bit took me about 40min, now i took about two hours due to steep terrain and me losing the path. Because i hadn't expected that much snow i dind't carry snowshoes or skis with me, which made it even more exhausting.
For the last 400m I could only make about 10 steps before resting, because i was soo tired and the snowlevel was soo high and the light was fading. I realy wasn't sure whether i would be able to reach the hut, luckily i did - in the dark and with my last bit of energy.

The next day i descended, happy to be alive.
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